Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who are you? A Reflection of the Chariot

First off, no more TV unless it is Netflix, check!

Second, start working on being detached from every bit of news that is on the computer or in the office.

This stuff has nothing to do with your real self and will not really enrich your journey in life.
Enjoy what you do and all the best things can come from that.

Third, be aware of people.
Yes, the ones you work with..sleep with, clean up after.. compassion levels, in check!

Some people are just plain mean and will never be your is ok..move on from emotional vampires and be what your inner voice has been telling you to be and remember there is a price for everything you get to know this...
yes, you are different from the rest, ten feet high as you often say, ( ok ok I say this ) but you still have lingering doubt and little fear creeps in, you're afraid of being'll be exposed, trust me on that. Eventually people see who you are. They are drawn to you for that. They want some hope, some kind relief from their inner pain  which they nurture and nurture because they aren't getting what they want from something that they really want. Their heart is breaking, they are crying and they are so disjointed in their mind.

Seeing the truth may be painful but at least now you can do something else..but first things first, mind your are the make the horses go where you an awesome driver then!!

**yesterday I took the girls shopping for Winter coats, it is freeking cold here and they are like still in hoodies, so twice now we are in TJ Maxx and they still won't choose a jacket! I got so mad, omg!
I yelled, you guys are going to make me drive to every store, till you find the same thing in some other store, all because you think I have bad taste?"
"I do not have bad taste, I just think it is ridiculous to have your pants hanging down where you can't walk or some thing...and, I want you to be warm, it'll be 27 tomorrow!" Emily was crying by now..she cries easy, Sarah is more daring, no sense arguing with an Aries Capricorn Moon type, they are crazy! You have a ram and and a goat..eye!! Too much!
Half way home I calmed down, It is no sense trying to change their minds..grrrrr!
Detachment, more detachment!


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