Friday, November 30, 2012

more on soapmaking

It is wonderful to meet people who care about soapmaking. I know I do. I love it! It is my craft!
 I love getting new oils and  creating gorgeous scent combinations and I am continuously in awe of rose oil; each distillation being uniquely all its own:) sigh...:)
Right now I have a little elder co2 that smells so nice and fresh, I am thinking to use it in a batch of soap for the future.
The thing is, maybe it is better off on its own..I'll need to think on that because all at once my mind drifts towards helicrysum and ravinsara....towards violets with elder....
That is how rich the craft of soapmaking is! The opportunities are endless, meanwhile you can still enjoy the classics, like patchouli and lavender and neroli.
I love neroli! I do!

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