Thursday, November 15, 2012

people, me and the lord of success

Have you ever read a book which just jerked you around and made you cry because the story was so enriched with emotion and heart wrenching experiences?
I believe life is like that..
You meet people who touch you deeply for a few years, break your heart a few times and basically jerk you around mostly because they can.
And there it is again..The Lord Of Success! The six of pentacles!

Sixes  are about relationships, daily meetings, having lunch and talking to your everyday peeps. Sixes are also about affairs of the heart and actual affairs!

It is true when we say that charm and warmth flow through and new links of attractions are created..there is sex and it is good..if and I say if..a person gets seduced by the sex, they would certainly be obliged by attracting more of those sexy type folks in their daily attracts like...

Sixes are about making choices all day. Which is better in the long run or for my ego, my shiny white horse which needs feeding or theirs..sixes are also about sharing..
It is about what you now have and what is always seductive and adventurous..till it becomes what you now have..

**I am going to The Mayflower Book Shop today to visit Robert and his little sweet bookstore.. we get to look at some very interesting astrology book ideas..and tarot studies, religion.... He has so many trinkets in there you actually becomes one while there! I always have to review why I am holding 100 dollars worth of stuff in my know, three four books and a little statue and it is a hundred bucks right there!
I will buy a new deck. I have been looking at a Zen Tarot that looks really nice and I should look at the Thoth deck for sure!!

Here is a little bit of what he says about Jupiter In Gemini:))))

  • October 4th Jupiter goes retrograde in Gemini until January 30th, 2013. Re-thinking is inevitable at its most retrograde position 6 degrees Gemini, Jupiter basically will be conjuncting the last Neptune/Pluto (late 1800‘s) conjunction degrees; signifying a new explosion of ideas, science, the arts, new spiritual knowledge, changing world scenarios, inventions, innovations, and world thrust for progress, growth, and learning. Free Universities anyone?! It may also take that long to figure out what the heck happened during the Election. Jupiter in Gemini is the love for learning and making connections; as well as being busy, even though, perhaps, much of it is superficial. Those born late February, May, August, or November will feel it the most, a sense of expansiveness and wanting to do everything at once. Good for learning, growing, connecting, playing, sharing. Jupiter going retrograde on the degrees of the infamous VENUS TRANSIT of last June, and going back to degrees of last Neptune/Pluto conjunction along with Mercury retrograde on Election Day going back to near opposition of VENUS TRANSIT degree and Jupiter’s degree at October 4th retrograde will make for one of the most interesting spiritual and karmic situations for some time to come. Many a higher revelation and truth will emerge concerning the quality and state of mind soul when it comes to love, compassion, and the future destiny of both earth collectively and the individual. Anything not done out of love and higher motivation can backfire at this time. This is a great time for re-inventing work, divining true calling, taking up a new art or musical pursuit, or just pondering one’s true self-identity in all this crazy world which seems always at war and in want of peace and joy. None-the-less, we will be starting to make sense of the huge outpouring of spiritual and scientific information at the end of the 1800s, and a renewed sense of global responsibility may well be upon us. A renewed sense of love and virtue, right work and heart thinking is awakening in the midst of these somewhat difficult times that often appear chaotic, ecologically damaging, apocalyptic, deluded and void of any virtuous merit. If there ever was a time that artistic and spiritual perception, insight, and action was needed, this is it. May all beings find happiness and their own creative part to play and work. OM!

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