Monday, November 19, 2012

people said

They, some,  say I should write about Costa Rica and about my experiences there..
I can never think of the right words. How it felt like the end of the world where I had no one. They weren't my enemies and they weren't my friends either. You can't get a break.The pay is 100 a week on the average and that is if you are good at something..and hopefully not involved with their government.
They called me bruha because I look like one and made bread like they had never seen before, I walked miles a day to teach English for money and I looked at the visitors who came and left..
Americans, white and fatter than most I hate to say but true none the less.

dang man, we have so much food here!! So mush good buttery goodness!
Time to work then, this week, yes??


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