Tuesday, November 6, 2012

some astro thoughts on Nov 6, 2012

Saturn is well into Scorpio and when we watch our Scorpio firiends, we get a glimpse of the power of Saturn and what its energies can perform.
Do you have a planet in Scorpio?
I do, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune in the tenth house!

The power of Saturn,  idea that I have is this one;
From a seemingly dreadfully inconceivably difficult place, where the people around are just so needy, intense, jealous, love you, must have you, use drugs, ( I count alcohol) love their drug what ever it is, break your heart, make you see, control you....you attract what you are..ouch!

 When you have Scorpio energies, you have a want for the best thing so you can tuck it away in your secret place and Saturn comes along and  makes you realize you cannot hide anything from yourself. Why would you?
If you are doing what you want, you are happy right? Why be sad anyhow? People change, they do, you cannot control the ones you love anymore, they have their own ideas of what happiness is. They may be wrong and cross over a line which creates a chasm that cannot be filled enough to make it right. The shattering of old ideas of love is just the beginning of this transit.
Personally, I do not believe we must be with that one person in one lifetime. It does happen but rarely and then we have religion telling us how unholy it is to break up and how women are trollops and how men this and women that! In the end, it comes down to what you have contributed to the arrangement and what you expect from your lover, friend, job and family..did  I miss one?
 Oh, the money!
You want some, you'll get some..it has always happened like that before and so why not now? You fear the silliest things, they would be like lead and mercury seeping into the most tender parts of you and poisoning your cells with fearful notions.
Vibe on the good and only good shows where diamond energy glows:)

People change and become what they want to be and believe me, you cannot hold them..they write songs about it!

What if you have neglected some responsibilities and now Saturn brings everything to the table to review?The Scorpio energy is about to show how really amazing you are, dear.
What ever house it is in and for the last 30 years, you have had a chance, no, an unavoidable task at doing something well.
Yes, it does mean you must get out and work with people, speak to them through your impeccable gift..
It is the best one you have and it blows everyone away.
The people, they are drawn to you because you do things with the skill of a Kraken and the elegance of  Astarte!

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