Monday, November 5, 2012


5 year patchouli, dark with some citrus and vetiver...

Vetiver is so weird, right!!

I have never had one batch which smelled the same. It must absorb whatever is in the soil while it grows and form its construction of elements of scent..
The vetiver from Haiti is thinner layered than the one from Sri Lanka, it is just the way I see it..
I had one once from Madagascar and it blew my mind with how smooth and mellow it was..
sigh..I wish I could have more of that one...I will again, I know that:)
The vetiver from Haiti is sharp, earthy, sweet, tangy makes your creative juices flow. Vetiver, Sri Linka is smokey smokey with feelings of dried cherries roasting with tea and cloves over an open fire..
 I have just finished my fat batch of Sri Lanka vetiver and now I'll need to purchase the next one.
White Lotus Aromatics is having a sale on vetiver, Haiti this month. I might go with that and see if I can mix it up and get some more Madagascar origin vetiver..yumm..

Lately, I have ladies and men coming in my store asking for vetiver all the time. I am always happy to hear that but then I get protective and want to know why they are buying it and will they treasure vetiver or are they just buying it because their yoga teacher says it will help their back pain and relax them?
I worry. What if they don't like it?
They say they have never even heard of vetiver till now..
I always make sure they can handle its rooty and dirt  smell, which as you know dries off to become something really special on you.
Especially when you add patchouli but that is us..not the world!
Well, people know more now. they reach out to vetiver and smellier oils like tamanu, pomagranate oil  or rosehip seed oil to heal the skin so why not vetiver? I mean I don't know about you, but I can smell rose hip seed oil on me the next day or even pomagranate oil and they are just the carriers! Tamanu, forget it. I only use it at night.
Have you ever tried vetiver to relieve muscle tention?
Maybe that is why we're so happy with our lives and our actions, we are always rubbing vetiver on us and it soaks in to make us better..ah yea..that is it!

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