Saturday, November 17, 2012

so i bought the osho zen tarot deck and book

Robert said it is the one thing every reader should have..
I said, "I don't want to be a reader, I want to  be a reader"
He laughed, "Did you hear what she said, she said?   I don't want to be a reader, I want to be a reader."
I couldn't even look up at him but he got my message, I guess.

I would like to be a better understander~ of the physics of spirituality, the occult (which doesn't even mean the devil, but a secrets unveiled) and I would have better understanding of The Buddha as they say...but enough about me..

When you go to the Mayflower, Robert becomes this fountain of energy and information..he blurted out some stuff about the millions of levels of a human being, which stuck with me. That is, you connect on many levels with people you love and sometimes not on all of them..
Like the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a humans consciousness.
I bought Rudolf Steiner's Occult Science..

And I began reading the osho zen tarot book..very fun very fun:)
maybe I'll share some things  about that sometime:)
Thank you for being awesome to me:)

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