Tuesday, November 27, 2012

some stuff happening in the sky

We all missed our alarms this morning! Everybody is home sleeping except me. I am doing laundry (daily)and I am
telling you this.

The Holidays..I mean what is it? I love the lights and sparkly things, but the expectations, the rise in loneliness and feeling empty like no one is going to be with you forever..well they are not...the feeling like you haven't got what you really want most???
I have heard that..
I am thinking like you get what you make.
What you make with each day. How your thoughts molded every event.
Your words shape the type of friendships and connections you'll make and what you'll expect from others in the future.

All this Gemini stuff too. I know I have had to watch my mouth a few times!
I'll give you an example of what happened  the other day...

Me, " all I know is I'm fine, my girth keeps my skin up"

Fred in Grocery, "Now there is an unattractive word there, girth"

Me, " unless you're talking about a penis"
OMG..it just came out!!Todd the other grocery guy was standing there..completely
shocked and delighted..( he must have girth then) Fred who is some sort of Jehovah's Witness not so much.

Men are so weird!
I said I was sorry and walked away from them. They started looking at me differently all day like the time Elaine had some pornographic message on her phone and when George and Kramer and Jerry heard that, they all became besotted. They had never seen that side of Elaine..she always seemed like one of the guys.

Jupiter Gem
You brighten my day
and bring flowers and gifts my way
your words like honey can pierce some too as Lilith visits you for a few days..you hot little sweetness, you..
you'll gladly share knowledge and experience
on walking out of the haze
the delusions
the dreariness
You smell like roses and jasmine and everything good, I detect a little sandalwood and patchouli somewhere in there too.
honey darling dear, I love you:)

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