Thursday, February 21, 2013

the money handlers

I do not handle to money at work..they are special breed of people I like to call the "money handlers".
They are really intense all them because one mistake and you are out of there. They run their money click with so much tight control you get a certain amount of intense people..there are many scorpios and I see some libras..aquarius too..
I think about hings like this. Like how I have learned from my Aries Pisces boss about being graceful in business and still get what you want. She has a perfect balance of understanding details in numbers with skill.
I think about going somewhere 40 hours a week and really loving them, the other librans, and a taurus chick who is so soft and kind to me and that sweet virgo gal who always tells me "hello"..or the theft girl who always rubs her arm against me to say hell instead of saying is cute!
 I am thinking that, having reverence for the money handlers..they are a sacred part of us..maybe we should think that about our banks, maybe we already do and now go to a much smaller more intimate credit union..
maybe the bankers of of the world might learn this too and stop wasting money on  having control of the planet.
have a great day:) yoga time:)

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