Friday, February 22, 2013


I get to help with a birthing in a few weeks. I am very excited. It is my first one where I am not the one giving birth.. I won't be a midwife, but I'll be there with my rose oil and warm cloths and warm touch on her lower back and all the muscles of her mamma belly!
I am a little scared? Sure, but It'll be fine because it is set up with all the pros near by including her midwife..
 Am I a  doula? A little one? Awe!!
I will make a special potion for her as I made for her first baby.
I mean at the very worst, I'll be in the way and I'll go home..we'll have to play that by ear and intuition. It has occurred to me that her mom will be there and her man, whom I admire very much, so that is know..three (her mom, her midwife and me)women in a room may be too much for the mamma..I'll be humble and quiet and breathe with her, I will.
Mercury retrograde is the  best for thinking up new plans for one's what if they are crazy, every seed brings up something!
I love you thank you and please forgive me of my type o's and bad spelling sometimes as I am a geek at heart and love you, oh I said that:)

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