Monday, February 11, 2013

kale salad

super salad
detox salad
so many salads!
I like kale but not every day
I like the detox salad but not everyday

Detox salad by Karen at work.
This is a gal who will eat guacamole out of the thing with one sprouted tortilla and make you want some...
 I am like give me a hunk of french bread with that, would you Karen ?! Where is the cheese?
I like cheese, and olives and a boiled egg now and again, I am Greek!
I work (on a boat) with very advanced foodies..but in a healthy know, a whole foods type place...
So... Karen makes this interesting salad with like everything in it!

chopped raw or broccoli
chopped cauliflowerr
chopped brusel sprouts
red cabbage
sprouted sunflower seeds or not, they will sprout anyhow in a few hours because of the moisture in the salad
a few chia seeds (why not)
lemon juice
I would add honey, or a bit of coconut oil..
I  like fat, thank you very much! a little bit..

at first I was like, meh..but I had some anyhow because I like food and I am willing to try something new..
not bad
the raisins add sweetness now again with a bite and the broccoli is very pleasant to I felt good all day from that one plate of food..
maybe you'll try some organic veg, why wouldn't you!


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