Saturday, February 2, 2013

goldie hawn, stress and her face

she a is a Capricorn btw..
I understand a cappy man much easier than a cappy woman as they are all uniquely different...
goldie goldie goldie

ok, so I am cleaning up my place and sit down to find a movie for later but during the in between time before netflix on my telly, I have to endure a few seconds of was three in the afternoon, there were the usual tv talk clappy shows..clappy, they all clap all day..
so goldie was on Rachel Ray..
dang much work has she had?
she could barely move her mouth and her hair was like a 20 year old all blond and sexy...
look, i just don't think botox is pretty.
and anytime time you have work done,  it makes you a little more doll like..yes? and that is creepy...

in 100 years (;))
we will not have too much difference between old and young on the street..what happens with the stuff you cannot tuck, because your face is too bloated from sleeping drugs and alcohol? ah see that among the elite..look at that lohan girl..awe!!

but goldie, she was talking about happiness, my most ever favorite subject. happiness..
that  if you can train your brain to always be happy, you can go through this life, happily.
that is the trick, isn't it? Mind control. We now know we can train our brain with drugs? yes we can feel better with the simplest drugs out there and in most cases we feel better way before they actually get in our system. We know we will so we get on with already doing it..

ah the brain and its sparking neurons. that we can control where our brain sparks is lovely to me...

goldie, i love you honey, but are you  saying that money can solve everything and stress?

I wonder how the Syrian woman feel right about now..if they are stressed because their sons are slaughtered in the street because their men are fucking ass holes afraid of god? can you imagine them sitting there and thanking god for this day?
what about the afgani boys who are dancing boys for men..yea, their mom is pretty zen about that..
happiness is you being calm and changing your mind though.
lets say you want to break it off with someone..for what ever reason...happiness, sadness, the brain scrambling to put into words  reasons for the break??
maybe you need to be also be sad..need, no, will be..will be sad, angry, mad,  goldie!
Now I know that she is talking to young Americans who are stressed. about school, boyfriends, money, having enough time..their fat ass bodies..because their mom just buys everything she sees on the telly..
and she did make total sense! Decide what you want. Do you want a happy home? Do you want to stay with that person? Do what you want and you'll be happy.

Accepting the truth and being detached is the best we can do..or we'll be like those assholes out there who just blow each other up, every time things do not go their way and something changes..
it is gonna change
but mostly they can't master their human sexual nature so they make it so godly and impossible that they themselves need an they sneak around on line, or text some woman or man and lie about their ten inch penis and write to some stranger, their dirtiest thoughts by night and by day they act "normal"..or worse they have little boy slaves to dance for them because since they are not women, god says it is ok..
ah the complex and dumb at the same time..

thank you for this day

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