Wednesday, February 13, 2013

anastasia's room and body sprays

I sell more room sprays than ever before these days.
Maybe it is because people want fresh smells without having to plug in a device or light a candle of take a bath for that matter..
To take a bath, one must clean the tub, and that takes at least twenty minutes.
Even my sons who are in their own space way back there in back of the house, will come and say, "uh, mom, we're out of room freshener and one of our female friends said our room smells like goats."
Well, what do you expect, what with three big lads in a smallish space and then you add their friends..goats..
fermones smell very animalistic and right now, (spring) in nature, animals breed..males smell a little more as to attract females..yesh yesh..nothing more than animals, we are:)
For the boys I make a lemon lime concoction..
for me, I love citrus and I love in
AGAPIMENI ROOM AND BODY SPRAY, which seems to be everyone's favorite..

I am so looking forward to making more sprays this year! I like citrus that is for sure, but why not a little clove and jasmine..spicy, hot, intense..
also by popular demand, I'll make a thieves blend..
you  know;

cinnamon bark

In grape alcohol and not by Young Living..
by me, anastasia..
What? Does young living  think they invented essential oils? humph!!
 Europeans began producing essential oils in the 12th century! This blend is basically named thieves because of the 4 dudes that would steel goods from dead people who died from the plague..they were finally caught and not hanged after they divulged their secret as to why they weren't infected. They rubbed themselves with cinnamon, oregano and clove...

have a wonderful day..I am gonna go scheme some more about essential oils and good soap..

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