Tuesday, February 19, 2013

mercury set up

it got us ready before it got us ready..
mercury is about to go retrograde..
I can already see the scurrying, the rushing and with water involved and  the energy is painful if not ecstatic..
Remember the snake .she is never one to make un-thought out moves, she waits, she takes care of her skin and when the opportunity presents itself, she attains her goals.
Remember the mouse, kind sweet loving but food for something bigger and dangerous..he is the one to most likely take liquor, use pot, take a pill, take two pills, take another pill for the pill which you take, eat a bagel with coffee instead of a salad, think to take and not give, give too much and then not getting love back from another (hey man, some people are just bad and you get away from them).

With Mercury retro in Pisces, we'll suffer through something for sure and am thinking an emotional reality not some tragic thing.. being human has its tragedies, however.
I don't even know what I'll suffer through but something always has to give when there are Pisces energies.
 Are these Pisces types the strongest in the zodiac?
Probably..think about how early on they grew up, faced life and worked hard to make something of themselves..and I'm not talking IBM..there could be any thing, art, music, cooking..Pisces does it super good and matter of factly. In public, Pisces is not overly affectionate, sometimes they seem cutting toward us..it is ok, they just do not care for bull shit and you know about the world and how it's PC and you must only use certain words and not other words??
Pisces is a leader and a friend, it could be your mom, your dad and you man maybe:)
They teach us to not necessarily forget the past but if anyone  can bury it and get on with life, it is Pisces!
They always come thorough and if you are doing wrong, they will know. they can take the truth and bear the pain of that truth and cry while knitting a blanket..see?

so I say,  de-clutter and get rid of the piles of clothing you'll never wear, and give it away, clean with lemon and rosemary or lemon myrtle and then let it all settle once again in to a clearer gain to the distance..

an amazing (Piscean Distance) soap will be, jasmine clove with lobelia, poppy and a little bit lotus..


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