Tuesday, February 19, 2013

one more thing on Anne

I have been reading and I have concluded that she really had no choice but to succumb to the king..
I'd be hiding in corners as to never be seen, because what are you going to do, say no?
No, he will take and you will be hanged..
What an ass hole! Change the words so you can impoverish one woman for another, get sick of her and cut her head off and then on and on. How about how Henry just turned his back on his daughter, who he loved as a child? can you imagine a young girl facing that kind of rejection?
Ann Boleyn must have been intriguing as a female, what with her abilities to hunt, study languages, write and dance..and then she had babies and he got bored..
Some men want  a 20 year old on their arms, it makes their penis look bigger.
 Remember in The Odyssey? Odesseus  comes home after twenty years and the first thing he did is he killed the slave girls who were forced to sleep with his enemies..
Nice of him, even if he wasn't real.."I mean how does it take you 20 years to get back home to your wife and family? You could have walked in a few weeks! Greece is not that big dude..what do you mean she turned your men in to pigs?"
They write these kind of stories because in some way there is truth, grains of truth about the culture and society of the  day in the time ( a very short time in the real distance of time)
I am so glad we are here right now..

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