Monday, February 18, 2013

life is sleazy

no really life is sleazy!
 I am just watching the Tudors on Netflix..
Human's history in that region certainly looks awful from my point of view.

The church actually broke away from Rome and the empire..that was big..big..big..
To this day there are purest Catholics who believe the only way to heaven is to be catholic and there is only one divine guy (pope) in touch with the God and Jesus .remember that they were and are two different entities in the "scriptures" know, The Creed, I believe in god, the father almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of all things  visible and invisible..and in one lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God who for us and our salvation...begotten not made..and in one catholic and apostolic church...
(seriously, what  does that mean, he was so too made the same way we were, I guess they still didn't know that because it was the olden days..)
In fact, if anyone didn't recite and fearfully believe the creed, well,  they were a heretic. These guys burned and tortured fellow brethren with out any remorse..
dang man..for Jesus too!
Well they tortured and killed him in his  home town, so...

But as usual, I digress and perhaps spell something wrong in some way..:)

The church, the church, the church and women are whores..
Well, they were cunning and creative and getting themselves a rich guy..hey man, who doesn't want to wear purple silk and bathe every day?  What is the alternative? Boiling your own water, starting your own fire and getting milk the hard way, on a stool next to a cow named Betsy?
But one woman like Ann Boleyn, sheesh! She seduced that Henry guy ( or did she?)  and he was so arrogant he broke away from Rome just so he could marry her..that must have been some V JJ..hahaaaaa (yes I said, v jj)
good for him..:)
Today, the catholic church still has tons of money from them days..for every person they schemed and tortured  they took from..took their gold if any, their lands and all the stuff that goes with that..their women as servants..
So did the king..for sure he did, after all, he had ultimate power over everyone.
Henry sent his beloved fist wife away, she was lucky he didn't have her burned for heresy! She must have been good to him to have maintained her dignity and head for so long.
I do not know why men do such things. Why to this day we still argue over who  is pious and who isn't .it seems that when a person has power, a person will use it..

I remember in my own marriage..( I do not talk to you about it much)..I let that guy rule over me in the same way. i thought that if i loved him enough, he would never mistreat me, he would know that true love is stronger than chat rooms and sex talk on the is a drug like any other drug. The internet and its power, makes our  bodies spew out adrenalin and other chemicals from our brains to make us feel ecstatic...
Now, the internet is our Ann Boleyn, and chat rooms our mistresses and we really don't care about popes and chamberlains..
I don't..but I do care about the law. I say..stay away from the law, they do not need to talk to you or me as we have nothing to say, nothing to prove to them and everything to prove to ourselves.

We must know ourselves and our true motives..we must always know this. We must not lie to our  own mind in order to convince ourselves the ends justifies the means, it never does..
All those people and their power..they all still died from having babies and lack of knowledge..everyone dies and gold is made in stars for all of us..

 done ranting now:)
have a wonderful day, I am gonna go clean my kitchen and mop with a little lemon and holy basil in order to prepare for all the goodness a commin'
**** mercury goes retrograde soon
pay all your bills so you aren't surprised by more bills..clean up...sort happy and work hard..don't forget the working hard part!


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