Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pisces 2013

I am in awe, my stomach hurts. We have The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all in this sign.
Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and that is where I am forced to review what retrogrades are, for real.
Yes, you'll  have your unexpected bills..that is all mercury retro and for that we fear this 3 times a year 1 month event..I  mean it feels like it's all basically get over one mercury retrograde and soon you can expect another. I guess this is why one mustn't over spend and over do when it's smooth sailing.
And for sure not to fear Mercury retrogrades..and always put a little money away for an emergency..
If ever there was a time in our evolution as humans to be grateful, this is it. To be compassionate  yes, to clean up, fold and re do..yes!
Clean up the house is one very important thing when Pisces comes around the of yourself and giving gifts to loves ones..that is Pisces. Loving delicious food, that is her majesty miss Pisces!
Pisces knows she is the boss, she doesn't even have to say anything. But when you need an extra 20 grand, man, they pull it out of thin air! Sheesh!

Pisces and all her powers glowing in space
divine magnetic forces showing us light
ranging in colors that are in their rarest beautiful violets and blues
so far in to their density that they are black
so bright that they seem white
showing us grace and poise
and knowledge
and a reality which is not in a race for time
but on a platform made of shafts of light  not yet seen by human eyes
made of golden matter
residing far in to the depths of our mind's eye

God is in the star light
reflecting off of Pisces now
being energized to be free by Mars
being shown real love by Neptune again and again
being loyal to her needs
honest and matter of fact
being ginormously generous
being graciously accepting of boons
just saying
that, being comfortable at having
she loves to be rich my Pisces does.

Find out where Pisces is transiting in your'll be enlightened on what is up in astrology right now:)

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