Friday, February 15, 2013

the snake's ways

a good hunter is only as good as her tools and her use of them..
find what you do best, get to know it as automatic and wham!!!
amazing results occur!
I used to say, "I am a cave woman with computers" No more of that, now.
This is just another tool, like a recipe to come to perfection, so are the steps to learning technology and getting what you want.
Getting what you want is not the tool of our consciousnesses as humans.
Getting up
getting down
getting money and getting fit..
It is all about survival in the end and in 2013's snake year, it is about the recipe, and instinctive pathways to attaining our desires..
The snake is desire, yes..but what happens when you mix the snake with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio?
Things are quite somber if you ask me. And although sex is there (even our stern Saturn is horny, he just colors it something capricornian), it isn't on the forefront for many people..Scorpio has certainly hadn't been himherself!
The ruling planet of Scorp is Pluto! Now they have to work and do for others, Scorpios do. Capricorns too!
Us Libras will be fine, we'll move and say and be confident in a Libra way..Cancer's brain is expanding and they are busy in their mind, Sag, honey, I do not know what your thinking, and I love you, but you are being so serious, gaull! Gemini, loneliness is but a conversation away..forgiveness is best and dignity will come with real love..
Taurus, this may be a time where you are creating are gonna shine in ways you didn't yet know you wanted to shine in:) and they won't be able to stand it without love that:)
Leo, honey, This snake is going to bite you in the ass, if you don't stop wasting time..(Lions love to be served, yes?)
Virgo, trust may be a two way not think that just because you meditate, that you are closer to god or anyone else is..everyone else is!
Pisces, if there were ever a time to show how slick you are and if you are an Aries with any Pisces, you are in luck.
Aquarius, now that you've been humbled a bit, how does it feel to let all that pretend shit go and be free to make your own conclusions? Good hugh?
I must go, have a great day and remember to hunt well and pay attention, look at them, look into their eyes, honestly and securely in the knowledge that all things are god, and you are he....

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