Wednesday, February 6, 2013

you're fine it's my design

Monday morning gentle snow quietude...I am imagining that this will be lush by summer..

lush is what its about. what is coming and what you are creating..right now and  at this moment..

and don't be a pompous real, do not lie to me, or yourself, I'll know, do not be fake and do not spread bad gossip.get a job, go work it off, your gloom and lazy reviews which continually quell unrealism((;)) in your brain...

Pluto in Capricorn is going to make us all a little more realistic that is for sure and my reality is that I am safe, right now and I am fed and warm right now and I have everything I need right now..
So what is it that drives me to experience fear? An unrealistic number in space somewhere? Well I should think one can harness Pluto to say to themselves, "fuck that!"

It is just a number in space or it is just another fluctuating wave of emotion on a world level, a planet level..
some less evolved choose violence to quench their fears, and hatreds..I mean really, how can you even fathom a god who hates, how?? A god who needs a beggar there praying for more money or a lover? If he loves you so much and made you in his image, then you should be happy and quite content!
right babies?

*unrealism; a thing which you do where you allow some thought to become a wave of pain and emotion to the point of creating more hurtful attributes than what  was the original reason for the situation..
you know letting something fester in your mind..seething festering..((;))

I just watched the first season of Downton Abby! I loved love loved it!!
love you too
thanks for letting me rant i am now gonna go work it music:)

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