Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Cancer girl I met a while ago

She is sad because she says she can't get a long term boyfriend..
"I know why", she says to me. "They are only supposed to be with me until I fix them and then they leave and go to the next thing"
I thought about that and it may be true for Miss Crab.
It also maybe true that she is overbearing. She has to have things a certain way..
This gal must submit to her loving kindness yes, nurture and feed, yes, and now reconstruct what she is attracting in a guy.
It seems to me for the last two years that I have known her, all her men, they have been of shallow nature and lead troublesome lives. "he comes and goes"
"he will disappear for a week and then call"
She will say these things to me.
I do  know this;
How do you expect a guy with three kids, an ex wife, and a drug habit which he recently quit, and no job, to be a solid find in a mate? He won't buy you lunch that is for sure!
I want to say to him,
"What, you fucked everything up for years and now you are gonna be good?"
" And you want me to nurture you back to health while you work through this?"
 I would mostly think it and not say anything..who am I now, wisdom queen?
I'd be like, "see ya buddy, I'm busy!"
 It hasn't always been  so..we all have our regrets but I trust that we have done what we've done at the time we did it the way it needed to be done  so we can learn what not to do next time and for sure what to keep on doing,  yes?
Further more,I do not believe one can attain a solid relationship from meeting someone on line..sooner or later they will show their true face and true voice.
I say, go to a bookstore and meet someone real. Or take a yoga class and breathe and imagine your perfect friend and lover. He is being constructed by the tiniest of matter in your mind. If, that is what you want.
For sure eat a salad for lunch..


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