Saturday, February 9, 2013

the year of the snake

the snake represents a lot of things..fear, lonesomeness, death and power too.

I do believe that this year we will have an opportunity to simplify (yet again) and re group our thoughts.
Hide even, from bad things..hey man, if you are out there protesting or fighting, some bigger thing is going to step on you..that is the law of attraction as much as all the good stuff that the law is composed of..

the snake is all about observing
really taking in the smells, the taste from the air on any situation
be it work or your passion ( what is your passion anyhow)
let the people who exploded into leadership last year have their hurrah..that was the dragon..
the snake is all about knowing what's up..understanding every aspect and leading without words.
Quietly planning, observing  the movements of their prey or the thing which they want most.

I suggest basil, holy basil and chanting to hanuman for monkey vibes..
apparently monkeys (and honey badgers) are but a few animals that handle snakes with ease..I suppose humans do to..
still if you are going to make an amulet, a monkey is your most attractive choice..haha

snakes are also about saving, waiting and being reverent of the forest..reverent of your core values and certainly knowing truth from its base.

monkey man, Hanuman,
give me the glowing reverence of my core
show it to me in all sorts of ways
from knowledge of the divine
and all things which I can control
my kundalini quivering
and winding itself up my spine to my madula oblangta
my pineal gland softening, opening my mind to my infinite  potential lifetimes and chances
I am you, Hanuman, you are me, Hanuman...

2013 year of the snake..slow and steady wins the race...

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