Wednesday, February 20, 2013

being meddlsome

not me but others..hahahaaa

you know I have a lot of kids, they need things, they need to learn things and the more they grow up I see that they say things I never taught them. that there is shocking, but also it allows me the opportunity to pull away even further and do my own thing and most of all to not be so in to what they are doing..
At some point in  their time with me, they let go. It is dramatic too.
It feels draconian if I can say draconian in this message.
I must always remind myself, that it is not about always being happy, and the heartache and deep connection of your children never leaves you.
You want all the best things for them and you sure hate to see them waste time, make excuses, show unfathomable arrogance and always seems worse when someone else is doing pride, not me..:) and they do all those things. I know I sure did.
I always convince myself no, I am a harder worker than anyone in this house? By golly, I know that is true, if you are talking a physical woman who will try her best. (and sometimes fail), that is me all day..

sadness is a weird thing, loving someone is a commitment to their best things and I am so happy to be in this warm house telling you this..that.. I will make something nice for their tummies!

A Fist Full of Ginger Broth

one fist sized ginger root chopped (peel first)
4 cloves garlic chopped
a nice pinch of cracked red chili ( I used New Mexico chili)
1 table spoon oil ( I like avocado but you can use sesame or coconut oil too)
fry that up on low
add water, 2 cups
add soy  1/2 cup
no salt yet
simmer for twenty minutes

pour over noodles where the juice floats on top like ramen, top with green onion and whatever you want..I like nothing but the bits of ginger..
taste you need salt? put some salt on top..a little bit..
eat it
it feels so good and ginger is so good for you, it would take me all day to talk about it..I will..
and you will be happy

thank you

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