Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Uranian Carpet

I am gathering ingredients for a dragon's blood balm for Imboc.

Imbolc..when everything in nature goes in to what we call a "rut".
I can see the energy and it all has to do with our sun..pouring love and life on us.

There is also an interesting angled grouping with our planet system where pluto and his friends are egging us on or being edgy on us here in  the inside planets, and Mars, the planet in question is stirring things up.
Not really. We egg each other on:) This can bring violent interludes where people get mad and leave..they have had enough and I am sure of this as the sun is about to rise..they, the ones left holding the bag as it were, they  made it happen half way. That is 50% of it!
Accept the "tragedy" and carry on..there will be mundane things all the time and no one will ever love you enough..they can't..hopefully they love themselves so much that they have over spill on you..that  is the best.
if they do not and cannot be happy or forgiving or share themselves..maybe they are not a good fit..sharing, caring working for something bigger than your secret gratifications..look, I know things!
Be grand, be smart and be smelly with my oils:)

Uranus doing his strange thing will bring new lovers as fast as you can say, "lets do it now" We can say it is all spring madness and all that..but the sheep are mating and they are going to have babies just as the next lovely phase of the year begins. To notice that is never know it is tragic.
"What am I ranting about now?"

Astrology that is what..
look at some situation regarding personality types in astrology..
Gemini is growing up and working and willing to put in the time..he has to.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gem backed against a wall and new areas of his life must be dealt with not with revenge but with attentive what there is to work with now.
I think so..
Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer..This is your time. For the next four years you will be in the spot light.hard working, smart, funny and well read..what could be better?

It is big..too big to even talk about the ideas that i see springing from peoples brain..we haven't said anything about Pisces..dude, They can be manipulative so you have to make sure you understand each the end they get their way..they want what they want.
In a really good family..there is always good even when the fighting happens..hopefully you move on and forgive the little things..which to Pisces, money is a big thing..they will do without and eat flat bread all day in order to save for the future good times. The good times are now babies, otherwise you cry all the time in the future..
Libra, hopefully you remember now, that you were to remind yourself often, about how awesome you are and you would never cheat yourself..there is goodness, success and always enough money.
Libra man, need to show up..maybe leadership isn't your thing and you were meant to run in the park with your dogs instead of what you are doing now which is being here and wishing you were there..dude! I can tell right off..when you are here, it is great! **for me, a fellow libran, it is hard to be too harsh with you because, I must admit this to myself to some degree..about me. lol

I want to say hello
to a lovely hunkin mellow luvs
who rides on uranian carpets
 turquoise and blue and gold in between
and then you
like a red dragon
free of burdens and always has an easy way to do
and then you
willing to change and be free
free of agony which keeps you weak
free to love and smile at those you meet
always poised for the best things
always clean and neat
your carpet glistens in the light
attracting new areas new bright
clusters of stars in an even bigger magnetic attracting center force
so big so big
The future light, now you see
you see because you are here                                                                                                                     always observing and thinking for yourself


I am brewing up a new batch of dragons blood resin for a balm.
I have had so many requests that I must simply make it..
It is never as simple as this. That is why I love potions..

Imbolg Dragon
3 ounces dragons blood resin
this I pulverise and then I melt slowly in organic coconut oil. This may take up to 8 has to be low and slow..I add one wee granule of mastic gum from xios( an island in greece)

I also add a few nuggets of beeswax I would say 2 tablespoons at the most here..
When they have all gone liquid..
I will remove from the heat and add my oils..
nagarmotha (one drop) cypriol
a few drops winter witch oil


  1. Hi Anastasia! I was wondering what the properties of dragons blood are/what you would use the balm for? Thanks!Ella

  2. the dragons blood resin has properties which help the lining of the stomach. many use the tincture for stomach upset due to stress.
    I suppose that is good but if I had stomach distress I would use mastic gum and chew it..dragon's blood in myth is another story and in my myths she is news of the nature in which you can tackle strange events and review and always remain clear the least I would like to invoke this.
    in la la
    This resin is also good for acne and skin troubles where things have gone out of the range of control..the balm would soothe areas in great dispair and also if your skin is fine and you just want to do a dragon's blood facial, you are good..
    thank you for asking:)