Saturday, January 24, 2015

fear and love

Here is the way I see things in a love affair..(what do I know, I have gone through two husbands) that I can conjure up fond memories about each of them.

You, we, love each other enough and do not cheat the person you love..stay transparent and do not be afraid to say things..
or you build resentments and walls. The issues or  reasons you should adjust to and lay it down. Lay it down! No, not to god!
Your man!
Your woman, your friends and your customers who throw money at me.
Otherwise you are always at a deficit and your energy goes no where..there is also another inch or two to the chasm between you and well, just try to fill in the grand canyon..ha!
Humans do not live that long..or do we? I won't go there..I will not go to the twilight zone where reason and physics have no boundaries..we are on earth and this is what we know.
Humans want a happy fulfilled coupling and if it does not happen according to their script, they fall apart..
However, some do not. yes, they cry and have the pain. They do not automatically go and do more wrong just to satisfy and longing for equality.

I bring up love affairs mostly because I have many young people in my daily life. They do the wrong things and then expect noble results..when the noble results do not happen, and they are left just crying and looking for comfort, they go back again and reach out..over and over..feeling bad, feeling better, the sex and then back to who we really are..hungry and afraid of being alone.

Be alone!
You won't be. There are so many people who love you and me.
They will not leave us alone. We are not afraid to ask and say things to them but we keep things from the person who sees us naked and vulnerable? That is plain silly!
In the Greek home, the oldest is never told everything..they keep things from the old man because, "he cannot handle the truth"
I say, give it to him!
Let him deal with it! No one is safe from the real truth!  They should not be entitled to less human experience just because they are patriachs..(oops, another rant there))And when you perceive this, you can be free from worry and love yourself more than anyone else could ever.

What do you think about my analogy? Ana-logos..ha ha ha

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