Thursday, January 29, 2015

Being Quiet

I actually had to be quiet. I lost my voice..
It turned in to a thing so I rested and took my oregano oil and other meds (needed) and watched Agatha Cristi stories on netflix. And now, heavy on the probiotics.
What, no zombies? No, The Killing with that tall Swede  whose name I cant think of??
Well I did watch Z Nation..and yes, it was a low budget thing on SciFi..but still fun.
I loves zombies, I loves em!

But now Agatha Christi! Wow,  surprisingly thrilling! What a lovely tale she weaves and how each episode is so well done..Miss Lemon,  is delicious with her ring curls on her forehead..just wonderful, I really think that anyone needing a little down time, should take a minute or hour with Detective Poirot!
I forget how lucky I am to have such pleasures in my life.
 Books I have been reading are many so I wont bore you..until I get to understand how a particle is both matter and a wave..ha ha, a proton is way less massive  than a neutron and it all resembles our solar system and everything else. It has been wonderful learning all through 2014 and I am happy to say, that I see the world in a whole new, and what we are and why humans want to hurt each other because they want the world to end because they think it is all gonna be better next time..I do not know why they hurt each other. I wish we could all just do our job and not worry that God is watching. I wish we would always learn and question our leaders instead of being afraid of them..but hey, I want to inspire not bring you down about reality out there in the crazy world we live in.
But that is me in my private life..I think about things...

I have come to realize yet again, that I am doing what needs done at this moment.

I was obsessed with rose a while back with the witchy rose.
I always wonder how things will smell next month after all the wee molecules have become what they become..maybe you will have something to do with that.
I have been wearing a patchouli vanilla tonka blend myself. That blend has mellowed nicely.
Do you see what time can do?
Do you see the little particulates just longing to be together?
Do you maybe think they do what they do when you are near them and then they become you even more?
I do.
So if the witch comes too strong..she then becomes soft and mellow by your side waiting to fulfill your deepest longings..and showing you which ones are best by attracting forces you may harness by changing your mind to the good not the just the want..see?

Labdanum Steeped in Hay

Doesn't that sound nice for a man, a modern man?
I want this to evoke a masculine nature. something grassy with a hints of wood and violet, clover nearby.
In my yard, in summer, the whole back is a carpet of  purple violets and you can go out there and sit on the soft grass on a blanket and just pluck each flower surrounding you and then you put those in a bowl and you say wonderful words to them and the release themselves to you.
That is how love should be. Something honest and true, for some,  perhaps, fleeting like violets..but not everything lasts forever..some situations last a short but sweet time and they are you have to look at the deeper meaning of things. (labdanum, sandalwood, vanilla) and then observe your longing for honest union and sharing and the deep yearnings for a certain smell of love(errr)....does that ever go away? No..sorry, but no.                                                                                                      It is ok, a very dark dragon  is always going to burn you baby and always love you forever..

(ha ha ha)))

I have a violet tincture I made from 2012.  I opened the the small vial the other day..I found something very floral and sweet if only for a moment.
I think there should be tobacco and vanilla here as well as a drop of this violet tincture.
There is a drop blue cyprus and a drop lavender basil, clary and ausie sandalwood..
An after shave oil extraordinaire?
I think so, I do.

you should get one...
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