Friday, January 30, 2015

the language of scent

We speak of it as if it were music:)
" We say, Accord" and " Organ" I never call my work space an "organ" and I rarely use the term olfactory.
I should but it is not really me is it?

Let us talk about my idea next. I will begin with a base of mastic and tuberose material, melted together with a little olive oil and set aside but kept warm..
next mix,
green mandarin, petitgrain, neroli and orange blossom extract (my favorite right now)...mmmmm
Next make a base of sandalwood and vanilla in a little olive oil or sunflower seed oil. It is organic and has no smell to speak of..very little...

Now, I have not given exact measurements..why?
Soap is very different from perfume or bath need bigger amounts of oils..For a small one ounce or two ounce carrier,you would  need drops instead of ounces.

Let us think for a moment. let us conjure up a light and airy moment in time. I want to make a small batch of soap with this blend and offer a set of a scented after bath anointing oil and a nice dollop of  soap.
For my recipe it will be an ounce of green mandarin
1/2 ounce petitgrain
1/16 ounce orange flower extract
30 drops neroli
1/8 ounce Australian sandalwood
1/8 ounce vanilla co2

2 ounces tube rose material from 2002 (white lotus aromatics, the last of it..:()
1/2 ounce mastic gum resin from Xios, Greece.

olive oil and sunflower seed oil, both organic.

It will be ready by tomorrow and I think I might be able to give you a nice little special..:)
I hope you stay warm and happy today.

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