Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the dry down of patchouli

The old whore is about that dry down.
I am in a transition with her always because in all perfumes we have "batches" and each batch is  composed of subtle differences.
In most of my creations and I would say patchouli is something I've  become pretty good at wielding, (each drop from my hand creating waves and swirls in tiny shiny light waves with their own electrical charge)) The idea for me  is that patchouli should always finish having transited over many little tiny particulates from each ingredient.
So if you get a strong wave of something you do not understand now, you will later because the dry off, is like a gentle wave of goodness. patchouli when mixed delicate leather notes(what ever that is)), takes on a gentle mellow glow. You barely recognise it and then you do and you say it is just right for you..
The OW is not for just anyone.
She is chypre and floral and musky and leather..I wonder how that big batch I made for that sweet virgo boy is curing by now. that was a nice one. i put a little smoky salt in there..just a sprinkle..for him to invoke his money making skills to a wondrous flow..riches for everyone, by the way!

I have been brewing up a classic patchouli perfume..I posted it and then took it down. It is not ready.
I will not list it until it is cured a little longer both in my mind and heart. Then, I shall display it for your consideration.
New square little bottles will match the sprayers. They are so cute!

I want to make more perfumed bath and after bath oils. It is winter, we want good oils on us after a bath. Our skin drinks all the nutrition right up!
I am currently exploring fruity blends and also as I continue my journey with okamoss and lavender, A spring fougere will be nice with clovers and violets and elder blossoms on the patchouli lavender and clary sage, the tonka..in an after shave or after cleanse serum..yes!

I am still not at my very best in energy after succumbing to the little winter bug. By tomorrow, I am back to me old self as I already feel a strong desire to clean things and organise some more. Virus? Is it alive? No? It needs a host? A living host? How does it deicide this? Is it alive?
ha ha ha

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