Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Want Vs. Need Mercury Retrograde Ideas

Sometimes, I cannot tell the difference..but they say there is one.
 I want things of course and it would appear that I get everything I want..each thing I get becomes something I had worked for therefore a definite series of events took me to where I am getting and getting..just like the moon going around or planet and just like we go around the an orderly, timely way!
all of our planets are on the same plane..which to me is amazing..not going around but  more like an egg shape in space..
all of these things make me think of heavenly order and what that means. 
When we, as a younger civilization worshiped the heavens as if they we just the two things..sun and moon.
Soon as we understood more and could discern that dragons breathing fire are not real but Jupiter and all the other planets are part of our little system..
Scientists tell me all the time, "the effects on us by Mercury going retrograde are minute in effect. they make no difference in our behavior!"
I get that..but then why oh why do we get so much upheaval when it happens? And each time through the year, it has a is like, if you haven't fixed it the last Merc retro, it creeps in a again and it is money and little things that add up, isn't it?
Hummmm...When mercury is retrograde...
Why do we get so nervous and excited and do rash things?
Why more accidents right before?
Why more fighting and breakups too?
Why people's dirty secrets get exposed and why they cannot sleep?
Why we want more than we need?
I do not know why and many many smarter people than myself have made the attempt to educate us as to the whys of astrology and myths. Joseph  Campbell on mythology and how we make it all up..
that in it self in esoteric terms has a whole lot of weight. I cannot tell you how many time I have let  my emotions get the best of me! I have teenagers here! they rub off on you!
ha ha and lol:)

Mercury goes retrograde with the last week of prep for the chillin phase and realizing our mistakes..yea..yea..yea..
"what condition my condition is in...oh yea.."
Things we can do right now?
Stop, take time alone to sort things through and calm down..yea? Things are never as bad as you we still have to carry on..why carry burdens and anger towards people that have no effect on your life or  our daily life I might add? Why hope for un realistic wants? Why waste time crying, yelling or being so nervous all day?
Mercury retrograde is here:) that is all it is..worldly little mundane stuff made big in your mind and body reacting to...un real emotions!

Invoke a spell in your mind.
Invoke an immage of a strong woman or man who is in control and always has enough and more to share..
not a wimpering sad hunched figure.
They get no love..
you need more love..stand tall and do your will see great results!
I love you!

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