Monday, January 5, 2015

the debate continues and the questions still ask

theory of life new science

Yes it is a complicated story, you might want to read it again..I had to.
This is a good article because the debate is not God vs. Darwin.
 I am happy about this story in so many ways..the "not fighting" comments.. because fear makes people say and do things and then fight, call people names and generally fight for the blood of Jesus! Enough blood..unless it is from a dragon! lol
Not here. Everyone asks the questions and no one is mad by it. It is science..chemistry, physics, quantum stuff..
We are so smart! We have figured out so much and also that a human sacrifice has not made one difference one way or the other and there is no way that there is a physical entity with powers beyond our control that  cares one way or another about you and me and what we think..I think we do as a group..our civilization right now..also, We are that entity and we are actually praying and singing to us??!!
Just saying,
You may be barking up the wrong tree. It turns out Mary when pregnant  with Jesus, traveled to Bethlehem 15 kilometers away instead of 100 kilometers on a donkey to the other people have been praying at the wrong site..and yet, they most likely felt better and blessed just the same..I bet they did..they come back with the fake myrrh oil from Israel and say it is blessed by the place where Jesus was killed by the Romans..look, it just does not make sense is all..
worship your own work and be smart, I say. Your Will is your God. Not anything else out side of you and get real myrrh oil..Eden has a good is wonderful to purify and meditate on your good, your humility and your true power as an competition with anyone else because you stand above the fray..the common fray!
Think about what you are doing and think how long it has taken you to become who you are now..
Your ancestors through millions of years having brought you here, one birth at a time and that one giving birth to another until you and me...time is so cool like that.  We are an organism which communicates and has a big brain which is able to use energy to get stuff done to make our lives easier and to live longer..
Earth has never been safer, people live longer today than in any other time..

This new focus will be exciting..the results, smarter than ever..we will no longer invite saviors in our politics, we will invite smart decent scientists like Bill Nigh, Dawkins and if he were still here, Chris Hitchens! We will invite real mathematitians to do our budget and we bail our all or is it ok to give all those banks trillions and then watch as millions  lost their many families became homeless because of those banks over lending practices? Millions! Millions lost their homes and the bank's debt, paid..just like that! Humm! Hitchens,  He had no qualms about things and how we should run religion, no more woman burnings and any one who does, is out..and he meant out!
Here come the drones!

ok, I will stop..:)

Any how, check it out if you want to..I am on a little inferma and will be staying in while I wait for jars which I am all out of. :) We need day cream and night cream and they will be reasonable in price..
I am watching call the midwife on Netlix..
Each episode is so good, I cry a little which you can't tell because my eyes are a little watery from the under the weather feeling I am under..It was that cold rain the other day. it really did me in..
Call The Midwife
It is a beautiful little story..heartfelt and gentle like the writer.
The very begining...
"Are you a religious woman?'
"Not really, Church Of England."


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