Friday, January 9, 2015

bath oils for the next month

there are some nice new practical bath oils being made ready for you and  I must say, I can smell every thing with new  wonder now, because my cold is almost all isn't mine anymore!

Yuzu Bergamot Orange Blossom Petitgrain
A light after bath oil that is so stunning and so fragrant. It feels like a wonderful day in a Tuscan villa!
My favorite  in the afternoon. It is so fresh, making your mouth just water!
Patchouli Tonka Bath Oil
 A classic patchouli with delicate and light soothers..a drop vetiver and a drop lavender and one drop sandalwood
Witchy Winter Rose
a spicy bath oil for that really hot babe reading this
rose cardamom vanilla is a bath  oil for the rose lover!

The base is composed of organic carriers fortified with green tea oil and kukui nut oil. Practical and smell great, yes!

I am about to make labels..I hope you get to enjoy one. Which one would please you most?

Photos Soon!

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