Saturday, January 17, 2015

the time of time and 13 month calendars

I was reading some wild stuff by a guy named Matt Radford who has a very interesting chart he has made about time and us and deep space. Kind of what I have been ranting about for years now but with a little more effort in to a diagram. Yes it is a crazy and maybe un realistic to think we can change the world in to thinking about what is real and what is not least we are thinking about it, reading more and opening up our minds to what is best.

That idea led me to another web site which states that based on this 13 month 28 day more logical time difference, we are not our sun sign either!
That would make me a virgoan woman and for a couple of years now I ponder on that and say that no, I am Libra! You are Saggitarius! why change the rules now and who is this guy making new rules?
LOL, right?
No body wants to change what they are now, this far in to the idea!
In my own mind, I am so complex that I can only stare for so long in to the abyss!

I get should be a 28 day month and 13 month year..and that would make me a virgo!
Let me see though...
none of it is real, a fish ruling a  giant gas planet like neptune which we named after a mythical god.....we made the myths..the planets are constantly changing and evolving and new stars are born from the dust of old stars..we are as old as time.. we are what we are..a bunch of over confident selfish survivors!
When we get pissed, we react by hurting one another or we make up lies in order to control each other and take the money. always with the coffers! May yours be full so you can always buy soap from me:)

I do have a point in this idea.
There is a grouping among organized living creatures. Look at bees and ants..they make a colony by using a natural hormone between them to!
That makes sense to me. We do the same. We group together in our town, our families and in our races. We have segregated ourselves pretty tightly in order to be safer in the past from all sorts of un explained disasters..which have been explained by science..god does not make wind for example to punish us and rain happened for other real reasons and not that the gods are once again our favor..we know that is not real. We know because our civilization has harnessed technology and we learn the mechanics of our world and it just isn't mysterious any more..Does this mean the art of tarot, astrology  is not real? Thoughts create things baby..they do!
So, what is the difference if I am virgo or libra or scorpio?
The ideas they invoke make for reactions in my brain. Electrically charged receptors make space for my ideas..and here I go taking on more virgoan tendencies..service, cleanliness and good life..all great virgoan things!

I loved and always have loved astrology. One reason was that I was able to escape the super tight greek orthodox and catholic apostolic religion which basically as a child left me with nightly nightmares about that mean old white bearded man who flooded earth and killed a bunch of people. I woke screaming every night and my mother would tell me that will never happen, he loves us..because we are good and bow to him often..
**Noah would have had to collect 15 million creatures in order for that story to have any truth**

Jesus, knocking on the door,
"open the door, let me in!"
"so I can save you"
"from what?"
"from what I am going to do to you if you don't open the door!"

I became a pagan as to escape my Greek heritage so immersed I was in their rules an life and what I am supposed to look like. I became a pagan witch in order to harness my will. My personal personal free will. Free illusion **free will per se is just an illusion created by our clan or society based on a group fashion, foods, books and understanding**
That is when I knew finally who I was, am.
I studded so hard on how to get that strength. It worked for me enough to be able to think for myself and know this much..if witches were real babies, there would not have been an 18 hundred year rein of terror and torture of women, children as young as 2 years old and men for all that time. All in the name of their god of the day..Jesus..who never one time wrote anything himself so we do not know him, we make him up every century or so.
Is astrology real?
Is jesus real? Is witchcraft real?
Yes..they are and we will see how humans craft that idea in to a real life we can accept. Of course we will. No one can hide from progress  and the truth..not the churches or pagans. We cannot devolve..not yet. If ever..I do not see it. Our Universe is expanding..then the big crunch and then here we go again..continuing forever...It is so amazing!

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