Wednesday, January 7, 2015

anything woodsy, fir, woodsy?

I had meant to make the green fig soap woodsy with the fir and spruce oils in there, but it took a very sour note in there somewhere. The oak moss and fir had a tangy effect on the whole thing.
I had been obsessed with fig smells because a boy at work who is a sweet boy, turns me on to his ideas from a conventional stand point. he also loves natural and is also willing to cross the line..
He has all these expensive perfumes because his boyfriend works as some buyer for the cosmetics at Nordstrums..It is all crap..modern perfume is nothing like what we do. Nothing! I do not have to tell you that at times, I do not have the strength and fortitude to explain my standpoints on oils and natural skin care. Dude, there may be nothing at all real in there!
 They talk about it, they describe things so romantically, giving their fancy French names and with having a musk smell or leather, but it is fake all day my babies.
They are lying fuks with tons of money to make glossy looking labels in order to stupefy us some more so that we become lost in their haze, their poisonous fumes. I read one persons review about a natural perfumer. She said it smelled amazing but it was too sticky on her skin and this perfumer should get with the program and use the lighter ingredients even though they are synthetic..right!
Which they are.
The reason I am even talking about it is because I want cassis..I want to make a fruity oil maybe a body cream..The, I do not want a fakin ketone..the magic is in the oil..the invocation creation an image in our mind and making an impression on our hearts. How can you even talk about phenyl hexa or even tri hexa?
They also make an impression..perhaps bringing in confusion,  sadness and a headache?
I had sent a girl I knew in Costa Rica some bergamot soap because she loves it so much..bergamot..
she sent me a perfume in the mail that was her idea of beragmot..I had to throw it away..she has since died so do not worry that she will have her feelings hurt. It is really not that way. She did not know about real oils and why we love them. She was fixed on the idea that shiny expensive perfumes are a status and a royal right.
She loved the soap. I made it with nothing but bergamot for her because she was sick with cancer. She still found time to thank me..I found that very touching and will never forget her. She gave me a gold coin in case I had to bribe the Salvadorian police on my trip back from Cental America. I loved her, just not her perfume.
She did not know. most people do not. They eat raw and organic and then douse themselves with poisonous fumes!
And what is with this whole organic fragrance? It is not essential oil, it is an "organic" synthetic?
I do not want it, I know that.

Leather like English Leather may have a resemblance of leather but honestly the art has died when men would scrape animal hides and then scrape in spices and birch is an art..not some factory driven thing..

I have loved working on leather scents. I am just now forging a nice space in my mind on how and why and what I want in this scent. my plan is to have a leather base which I can use as a final step in scenting..
Chypre and mossy blends like fougere are easiest for me to construct essential oils and resins. Leather? It has been lovely. When I mix my oils I wait about two weeks and then  go back and smell to review. I may not be a famous perfumer but I will tell you that I can smell stuff. I know fake a long way away.

So what makes a good perfume really good?
Longevity and nice finish and the remaining scent at the end of the day.Yes, but the invoked vibration is what draws us to something. We want to partake of the power which drives us to great things..what should they be?

I love to put my warm bath robe on at night and smell my oils from the morning. It feels really good to have that.

So, we  have been missing a few soap bars..we need to make more neem salt soap with rahssoul..people love that soap!
We need to make a woodsy forest blend soap and we need the ghost back..soon we should  make frankincense soap again..We also need to make some citrus. I will wait a month for that. I want to also include rosewood somehow..I am using "we" in the royal sense here::))it is

Rosewood palo santo together?  Both an acquired taste and yet, we crave the oddities..we do!

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