Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello I love you,

not in the creepy stalky way either :)

I am shipping all orders today and it is good. The tonka, the tonka and what an adventure just working with her has been. A new must in my selection of oils! Tonka allows the dry off to collect itself and carry on!

I like it in patchouli with just says, "carry on!"

Let us all focus on Mercury retrograde for a minute and how old friends and lovies call you and smile for you and make your heart swell right now!
That is what we are here for, to exchange that "energy" which reflects what we are to each other, what memories we have together and why we still care for one another.
We just do. We cannot stop.
We love people who are mean to us, too gruff all the time, and so on..
hey man, you know what I say about that?
"You are not entitled to be mean and mad all the time.  Especially over my errors!"
Make a good memory for loved ones. Tell them good words and make them good food to eat if you want to. But your secret dalliances will only hurt and torture..Mercury is about secrets unraveling! Remember this,
if is is a dark secret and you cannot talk about it in a rational organized way, it is not good..being transparent is the best way. this does not  mean you need to to talk to a priest and confess every mistake..think for yourself and be really powerful with out their crutches which still worship human sacrifice and blood rituals in order to please their archetype of a middle eastern tyrant, if ever there was one!
Find the light and carry on. Smile once and a while at just anyone. Look in to their eyes to see if they caught the glance from you. It is really powerful.

Yes, far away friends are thinking of you. They are wondering about you and sending you love through the ether..hahaaa it is true. mental telepathy is just now being accepted a  a valid science..Mitchio Kaku talks about in one of his books. he is great and loves Alfred Einstein like me.
I love him!

Energy is always transforming and is carried, held by gravity and dark matter and dark energy..slowly becoming not so dark..we will also know what they are light which travels in space..all
we are advanced forms of energy but not as much as we may think?
I do not know.
Does it matter?
Yes and no..and carry on again..

I was thinking about this.."carry on"

I think about it because you are everything you've done. You carry that..every thought, every behavior, every drug and every are carrying becomes a space in your little infinitesimally small time here...
does it matter?
only in how well you carry on.


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