Thursday, January 22, 2015

fast meals

Can I be more on the go? Do not even ask..there may be someone lurking around a corner just waiting to take more of my time so that he can talk about his latest healthiest thing..he waited two hours. He talked like he had an appointment with me..charming he is. he thinks I know something...which is true:)

You may have noticed my outspokenness and frank oppinions on modern man what ever we are.
you may also have noticed that I have really turned a corner as far as how much credibility I give to my psychic telepathy..I mean should have nothing to do with my product..but it does, doesn't it. What ever energy you have in your hands and how it swirls around you, that is what it takes..what goes in to what  you touch.

I want to really tighten my belt as I have better focus than ever on how I want to develop in skin care and soap.
I mean in a poetic sense, soap is magic. In a real sense it is all about the fatty acids and the bubbles they make in soap.
Take the red dragon soap with dragon's blood and oud.
I can swear to you that the lather is extra creamy because all the melted resin from the dragon's blood is changed in to a fatty soap bar, thick dense and gloriously unique.
the oud, disturbing in one whiff and then the lingering frankincense on your skin after a rinse.
Guess what?
There is a recipe and order to everything! Making soap is a matter of good ingredients perfectly suited to combine with one another and become something isotopes in away, huh?

My next thing in an oil for Imbolc..yes I still practice honoring the is my favorite way to set my intentions for myself..
check this out..

The hay thing is sweet..with labdanum and tobacco and vanilla yes, but also with hay and broom flower..with a touch lavender mailette and finishing touch with violet and  clay sage..great on a man..just luscious on any hunkin' lumberjack too!

 I will make one  more thing soon because I do have a nice tuberose from 2002..
This will be made in to a balm with orange blossom extract (awesome)), neroli, petitgrain and Green mandarin..finally, I will hold them down with sandalwood and a touch vanilla.
I have been conjuring this up for weeks now. I can't hardly wait for it..but wait I must!

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