Tuesday, January 13, 2015

perfumes and why they cost so much

They are expensive for a reason. You need a lot when you are thinking perfume and the way it makes the alcohol so dense with its vibrancy.
I have been testing the waters on perfume. I do not decant or strain because I feel like its is a waste of resources..but true perfume is art. It is art all day. Not only does it take expensive and rare oils to make a good one, but it takes time to make it good. Just like in wine making and fine Kentucky Bourbon.
Time..evolution, creation..it all fits when you look at it from far away on the outside.

You may have noticed that I have some new higher pricing on the perfumes or room sprays. Don't be mad. There are other things on my etsy (eleneetha.etsy.com ) that will be reasonable, I promise.
I want to make a few really nice things and not a production line of cheap citrus sprays just because I want to sell a lot which I do..I just do not want to bust my ass keeping up with orders that might become common and then I will have to re evaluate who I am in relation to skin care and perfume art.
My conclusion, is there is no conclusion to this theme.
I must evolve and make money at the same time. I buy oils from the same guys that  my customers can buy oils from..eden, sunrose, white lotus..

"practice what you are worth"
(sometimes we forget that for  us)

My generosity to skin care is always going to be there, but, I want to simplify and refine if you know what I mean. each batch of soap or body oil can cost up to 300 hundred dollars to make..think about the riches in that..to me..it is worth every penny I invest.., only time and effort bring what they bring..

That Yuzu blend is blowing my mind right now! We will have a gentler priced spray for that. It rocks man!

I am having a Saturn transit through my 12th house. What ever that means..this is a time of creation from with in and knowing my real value and..also..relying on my inner self, my consciousness is  to be comfortable there. In mythical astrology, Saturn is time and the twelfth house is the closet.
As a human, my closet gets piled up with  things I do not need. My clothes change here and there, I wear things out and give them or toss them when they are not good anymore. I do not like to be too raggy, do I?

I love you!
I am watching, The Killing
I just finished the 3rd season..what a well written story and that girl, is a Libran!
and they say astrology doesn't work!!;))

Can I just call myself an Astrological Cosmologist?

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