Saturday, January 3, 2015

gothic decadense

IHere is a perfect warming tonic for the cold days up on us. 
Spicy rose is perfect for winter! I have constructed a perfectly spicy brew for any hot blooded warm woman or man...

Bergamot 10 drops
ginger 3 drops
cinnamon co2 3 drops
one drop  saffron
set it aside

gather your rose 10 drops, jasmine 3 drops, ylang ylang extra, 2 drops a drop or two angelica, and one drop or two geranium.
set it aside
mix your base 
in a stainless steel  or glass special vessel used only for this purpose..
 you will add, 
tonka 6 drops
oak moss 6 drops
patchouli 20 drops
vetiver, 10 drops
sandalwood, 10drops

this should be slowly heated in warm water over a double boiler and constantly stirred until it is a smooth dark syrup..gently add your middle notes..let the rose mix through and then add your top notes..the spices explode in to fantastic tiny shiny warming particles..mmmm

Mix this in to a lovely body oil or room is so nice!

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