Thursday, January 1, 2015

simmering the dragon

the dragon will simmer down and so will we.

Happy New Year

I am making my new year offering at this moment and as my brew simmers down I would like to tell you a few things I think about on  mornings as I plan  and ponder on my day I  remember how amazing I am. lol
((labdanum with three frankincense and cedars and oud and jasmine and rose and lemon drops and bergamot..cade, birch melted in vanilla))

Well, what can I say, what ever this life is, I am on a good path right about now in time and space.
If I were to really turn Capricornian, I would make a list in my head of my finest points and work on those.
What is your good path?
What do you do every day to nurture others and yourself? I mean how can you even begin to give to others if you can't even be generous to your self? I forget that to myself sometimes!
We can be cheap to ourselves! How then can we share anything?
I don't know, but we should also beware of sharing with the wrong people. You give and give, they give nothing much back or do not give the thing you want them to give! Out of pride?
That is still being cheap to yourself in my opinion. That there is a crack in the  love cup so the ultimate price is leakage of important connectors in a relationship..

The sheep are coming. they group together as a whole to create a protection for the whole group. Choose which heard you follow I suppose.
In everything there is a hierarchy and our leader or top organizers must be transparent. And boy oh boy..look and see what you find when that happens!
CIA, my ass! Who are you guys kidding? Earth can be a safe nice happy place..ah but we have to argue about dumb shit (sorry, but when god tells you to bomb things, it is dumb shit) and cover our women..if you'd like to see how they will evolve in 50 years,  when they finally get to do what they want, like drive a car and wear what they want, dude, look at Kim pretty and fake..with the heels and that Gwen Stefanie..both Libras by the way..there are always two kinds of Libras..I'm more the Jessica Lang
Plus i am practical minded and would likely fall wearing shoes like that.:)


The brew.. simmering a rare and heavenly. I had conjured this up last year at this time. That is how it works (the magic)), you put a little treasure away for yourself and it then invokes your inspirations now..
This is a mystic nights blend I made and put away in beeswax as a base for mystic balms and other resin incense notes I love. this morning, all the oils just gathered themselves before me to make this.
It is a beautiful freezing cold day out there and we are warm in here.


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