Saturday, January 2, 2016

clear and how I always see Rick in new ways

There is an episode in the third season of Walking Dead where Rick takes Michone and  Coral (Carl) to his home town police station to get  a bunch of guns from the police station. Turns out crazy Morgan is there all crazy because he lost his boy and his wife and stayed there killing off zombies.
I like the spikes all over his place  and Rick even uses that idea when he had 30 days with no incident in season four episode one...
While driving there they spotted a man who yelled for them to please please help him. Rick would not stop. He was so closed and did not want to waste time trying to help a desperate stranger. Maybe he is good or maybe he is bad and desperate or crazy and desperate..
after they got the guns from Morgan, on the way home, they saw the guys, his dead body pieces on the road and I was sad..I mean wow.
There was the idea that Rick in order to take this guy and put him in the back seat with Coral, for a day trip would have been a risk.
Maybe a big one. Who knows..look at Eugene and how they developed his character..cowardly little cute puppy boy!
Maybe that guy was good. You cannot know. Seems to me all of them are a little bit bad.

So, in Season Four, Rick has changed his mind and taken people in. Little girls..yea..see? How do you know who will be bad in the end.
Creepy little girls being taught how to use a do you know who will be bad?

I ask this all the time and all I can say is keep alert and do not falter in your task and you should always parish doing your best thing and not running down the road yelling, "help"!!
It is all so symbolic isn't it?
Maybe not..the lady at the hardware store showed some her true colors the other day. I told her I like zombies and she said, "I don't watch that shit!"
I was a little bit taken aback, "calm down, it is only a story and why are you so harsh.?" To be fair, I would not expect anymore less of this woman I see quite often..she is a smokers voice and thinning hair and she is bitter about most things probably and doesn't even have an email address. lol
why should I care if she thinks less of me for the walking dead. puta! lol

It is a good story. It is cynical, sceptical and asks great questions. Not all the questions but really great ones.
No power, no grid, every one  gets sick from simple things like a cut, flu, they would not go around eating brains, that is the fun part of the story, they would just die and leave a stench.
I am glad I have books to read.

The other day I was listening to NPR on the way to work and there was a great story about what would happen if all of our internet technology would no longer be there. No TV, no phone, no me ranting daily about it..
It happened in Calgary  where there was such a powerful solar flare that it wiped out every single thing.I think they found a new way to save information.
So now the guy that invented google with a bunch of other guys is like saving things in a whole new way..remember blue lotus moon, I mean all that is gone! I feel like I lost so much in each phone I seem to go through. My space? ha ha ha

blue lotus moon
it had to go, it is were different then
you are different today
open your eyes my mom always says
that means do not lie to yourself
and clean up
always clean
"ahh clean.." ha ha ha

What was up with the governor being so bad and hateful ( I can't even stand that guy)and how did he build such a great army of soldiers? Coming back like that and killing everything just for revenge.
And Rick, finally out of his ridiculous visions of Lori the fucking whore who  couldn't wait to fuck Shane and go on with life not missing Rick. They had problems before he got shot. She never really loved him, always whining about Rick's decisions.
Rick snapped out of it fast, he had to. It seems like I like him more and more when he reacts.
He strikes like a snake, just so well thought out. I just watched the episode when he bites that guys throat and just goes berzerker...I love him so much for that, we all do.
That is why I am so excited about the next few episodes in season six. I find that the story, although good, the acting was bland even if Deanna was there. I am excited and feel bad  at the same time.
You know, the "mom" boy and the Ron boy..Rick gets pissed, something is going down..."mom"

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