Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mercury retrograde and winter cycles

"mom, mercury retrograde is not real!"

"yes, it is!" "It is in a slower position three times a year and it is always money, right?"

I feel it, you feel it and now this big alignment with all of our inner planets..going as far as Jupiter..
Is there a totally amazing change happening in humanity? Every day, there is a change my friends,
There are many forces leading us in the right random direction.
 I know this, it is time to change.

"oh, ma!"

Now back to my interpretation about where this gathering of planets occurs. Has been accuring, I should say. I mean what ever astrology does, it is about what you are already doing and making in your life.

Capricorn (governments, bones, aging) and Sagittarius (wide world, learning, knowledge)!
Obviously, I get that old structures and habits will change. On a deeper level, key people in our society have passed and it touches us, the sadness of loosing someone.
The money thing? Look, it is money, you need to work to get it sometimes.
 Other times it grows like a tree in a lush jungle...I like the lush part so that I can live well, make beautiful soap, eat good clean food with my family and have amazing oils for me and  my beloved friends..who have held me when I was so sad and then we  laugh our asses off  the rest of the time.

It is kind of big for all of us so I  say chanel what you think needs to be fixed so you can get on with being happy..
This aspect is kind of like the tower card too. Yes, old structures must break down, they do not work and so it goes.
The churches, temples and mosques will once again be held accountable and also be in  exposed positions. They should all be held accountable..
It is fair.
(and that whole bull crap with Cruz and Trump (who knows he is insincere) in Iowa at some church thing where they both competed on which one of them is closer to god...eewwewww..fake ass fuks, if I have to listen to Cruz for even five minutes with that whiny voice, I will not listen)))
And how does a religious group get to say who can be president? ..I am just saying, isn't that something a kin to tyranny? No? As long as it is the right religion?
Ah..yes it is, it is tyranny..
How about use your head and make sure you think about the words they use to brainwash you in to getting your support when you should look with in so that  you can live a nice life and do not kill anyone based on your gods?? It has not been that long ago that christians would burn women, men, children, torture them because they did not love the lord enough..I say, enough with the ignorance and tolerance of evil ways.
1800 years later we still have extremists killing each other over these out lived and disgusting ways to please a divine being.
Because really,  we know more about where we are and let me just say, it is a whole lot of swirling magnets!
It is amazing!  So, when our little hot ass neighbor Mercury is slowing down the momentum, our Earth feels it..
"hey, what is up there, Mercury man?"
"don't worry about me, guys, I have to pay some bills and fix a few things, go, I'll  catch up."
ha ha ha
Oh, Mercury! Always going so fast he forgets to do it right, he skims on details  and then has to go back and fix it..

Businesses will fail and big business must change.."hello, Walmart?"
Seems like when a a store grows too fast with too many items  and with out good leadership, you have a breakdown to the simple things once again. That may be a whole other rant about how to run a team that works hard to make the money...

Jupiter (health and welfare)so close to the others has me intrigued and what is this about that planet x that may be or has been hidden and now there is more evidence that , "oh, maybe it is real and pulling on Neptune harder than Pluto could"??
Health of  Bones  Teeth  for sure with Capricorn and having dental issues?
Sagittarius energies are about dealing with foreign lands. Mass migrations because of tyranny and starvation...
This means every one's old structures must change. They will. Learning a language changes you, driving a car does, math does..every word and thought..changes you...

Even my mother has her own cell phone now. She is so cute about it!

"I am calling you on my own phone"
"I know mom, good.."

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