Monday, January 18, 2016

ambergris a whorish way to start the day

I got a sample of ambergris from Anya. (Anya's Garden) A sample! She gave me basically a lot! I almost freaked out as I had never really purchased so much on my own and regard this ingredient with the most reverence.
You know whales eat cuttle fish and krill, their bodies do not digest the shell which is made up of various minerals and life giving calcium, magnesium, vanadium,,lol
Then, when she has too much eaten, she collects the undigested shells in her stomach and takes them back out. By now the krill shells have gathered together in her body  in a sack like material made of enzymes and proteins..
then  she spits it out on to the ocean to ferment for like hopefully, 200 years, but that was the olden days. As this krill shell material ages in the sun, it converts all that stuff in to sugars and caramels and dirty sex with your delicious man or woman..and deep dives in to darkness knowing you are grand enough to take care of yourself. A krill does and so does a is deep, ok!
Look, it is animal and it is rare and it makes things smell so appealing, especially vanilla, patchouli, anything..I love it so much, but not too much., I may love too much, and now I know,that is okay with me. You see, I am keen and I am willing to learn. I want to be surprised each day by the simple things like a nice clean shirt that looks amazing or a beautiful cup of tea, or a hunking lover coming out of the shower smelling like this!

Our latest batch of old whore has ambergris in it. I am in a daze  a little bit right now because The old Whore of January 18, 2016, is here.

I slow melted the ambergris grains with organic jojoba and other resinous compounds to make an infusion I could mix with all the other old whore oils. Patchouli (vintage), Vetiver, organic, Oakmoss, Labdanum..a few drops of rose and frankincense for incense appealingness..there is more, always there is a few drops vanilla and on top, you'll get smokey bergamot, velvety distilled lime peel and lemon..just on top..The idea is to enjoy each moment and wash with something that leaves you with a thought, a smile or some other more carnal wishes..

I love the way the extra perfume that I poured on top melts and bakes in to the soap in order to give the first few washes a more intense experience. It is 100% essential oils there pretty much..3% og jojoba. I can smell it on every part of me because I cut the soap with naked hand.
Look, she is expensive for a reason. $12.99! She is worth every penny. It is not just soap at this point!
It transforms one to a happier state..creative, intense, realistically rare.
I hope you get one. Really!

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