Friday, January 22, 2016

good morning and let's talk about Jupiter in Virgo

Yes indeed. Another twelve year cycle coming to end for Vigonean Wonder Virgos and another twelve years ahead to hone in on what is real and not just flat out rules you yourself might not be able to abide by let alone the rest of us. When the rules for life are non negotiable, one must review and then break them!
I am being harsh because these are harsh times my friends and people are freaked out and race is an issue and not enough actors in the academy that are of dark skin. Jamie Fox..what a man!
Be an artist and don't worry if you are invited to the best parties. Be an artist and you won't have to pretend you're still hot at 60. Yes, you are hot..just not like 24 is a cycle see?

Jupiter in Virgo will touch on many factors for us as humans. One for sure thing is that the Earth Rules will have changed..people must live with kind regard for one another and since Virgo loves politeness, it is a very helpful little hint, mythically speaking that is!

This is a reflection of what do you really know and how many books have you read so far because words do matter and I know I cuss a lot but witches can and do, do that.:)
It hard to say it even, "witch"..I am gonna delve deeply in to it and be the raw power woman that I always know that I am.
I have been chanting again because it is power and I have been making amazing things for eleneetha..
Did you check out that rose and oud thing I made?
Oh yes, it is lovely just as all the oils which enrich my life..
Now for the next twelve years from this?
That depends..For me it always goes back to health, nutrition and making classic foods..when I was 12, I made tremendous sandwiches and through the years my tastes have only been enriched by my open minded appreciation of beautiful food and beautiful scents.
With Jupiter in Virgo, I am able to break things down by molecules and it is so exciting..
Maybe it is a good time to start an aromatherapy course, clean your closet, clean your teeth, fix the drain thing and make things tidy.
Be organized, try. Clean up after yourself, try..and..wash with dam fine soap..

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