Friday, January 8, 2016

spectacular view

I am walking down the street and I would like to smile and leave you be
but you keep thinking my weakness is my kindness and then you see it is not like that..
I exist beyond your illusions and political affiliations.

I know in my heart that every one should be free to say what he wants to and ask the why and not die for it, yea? Free to work hard and have high intentions.
Like a boy should not ever think to kill his momma?? (I read it on the news), why would he do that? I don't know, but when the question seems unbearable, the answer is already before you, there is violent entitlement from bossy mean hurts me so baddly I can't even think, and then I cry from the most insignificant thing..ha!
I say to my mind inside, my god within, the one I talk with when I am, hey, it could be me or it could be you..
you close your eyes and dream of some goods things, like you on a mountain, with your man where there is solitude and graceful words spoken. A soft path made of contentment with each step to your secret place..
You,  on a boat with your girl, your woman your friend, the one whose scent draws you so near, so close, like pulls so hard you feel it in secret parts that become enraged and encouraged by more longing. It is a wondrous thing about being human and sharing each other in joy..
You, with your family around you sharing evening and an good show on netflix and 
you and all your friends..
you just so content that you can and have shared precious memories like this..try now to be something you've longed to do, try it and be brave, be free to let go of your restrictions and dogma made of long gone men..make your own moves and do it as if you care about it. I know it remember what you think you were then..but look at you now, look at how educated and graceful and real you are.
I know this my friend, Mercury makes me cry.
I know that I am happy, you know why?
Because I like coming home and cleaning my work space and making good lotus and sandalwood or tomorrow, a new batch of old whore. 
, mercury retrograde edition..I think it is big and should be attended to and intended to inspire and attract deliciousness and good! 

It will be all chypre' all day and I am gong to let the citrus zing right off the top. I am very looking forward to this.

We will talk!

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