Sunday, January 31, 2016

it is george orwell now

Not really. a chapter okay! He writes these long chapters with long sentences and he says a whole bunch of real poignant things about life in the thirties and so on. Trotsky? How interesting?
He was Snowball in Animal Farm.
I kind of want to know what had driven grown men to kill a bunch of people so that they could all wear a tight uniform and march in lines looking like Romans?
That was the fantasy of Mussolini and Hitler and they even started waving their arms like Romans.
Grown men pretending and telling lies..

I am always interested in our culture and our daily society because it has been bred from all of that stuff.
And most Americans do not even know anything of their own country and that they have been living in socialism all along and it is not totally like what Stalin took from Marx but you do pay and give to the master to do with the money as he sees fit. They simply gave everything new meaning.
They all take from something they love and an idea that inspires.
Yesterday, I learned about George Orwell's ideas on Nationalism and being sheep.
In my opinion, they whole thing with Hitler is a result of all people falling for a new leader worse than the king! Stalin would boil people alive! Who does that?? And like an Animal Farm, they, the sheep, follow and proudly. "Look at us, we're American's?" "We're Greeks, We're Catholic, God loves us more because we actually march better than you!" LOL
Then the debauchery (Bill Cosby and pudding) and the lies and the killing of course. Men love to kill.

(***do not get me wrong, you must kick some ass if a bunch of thugs are acting up in your in Sweden this week, "ah, you are going beyond what can be acceptable here, your getting your ass kicked!" )

One could see at least for a minute, that getting away from the Kings and Queens (who killed everyone and their kin as it pleased) to a now pretty  free and decent life, a modern life and nowadays a technical a goal for all of us. It is for me. I do not want to live in the old days when you had to go to the fields and work your ass off in the sun and then give it all the the king..ever hear baa baa black sheep?
It is basically communism all over again. That is the point really. How much of your wool do you have left to give to the master and his dame..and the little boy just gets a little sad that song is and I will not play it for my grandson. Humans have bowed enough, stop with the masters!
"who do you belong to?'

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