Friday, January 8, 2016

vanilla blooms desire looms

Is it me who is less tolerant or am I just getting older now?

"fake, everything is fake, fake news, fake wants and they make you want them..I feel sorry for your kids with their fake education.."

I stayed quiet and said my kids are going to come to their own way of life, their own conclusions.

24 hours later, I have a whole book of responses to such an arrogant and ignorant opinion.

"oh you mean like physics and history and words and their meanings?"
"oh, you mean computer languages and art?"
"oh you mean like real philosophy, The Law Of cause And Effect, Einstein and Camus?"
"oh, you mean like astronomy and elements and where, how they came to be?"
"oh, you mean like biology and how to make things work better in our bodies?'
This is the same kind of person who will say things like," the gggg"government" made ebola and aids.."
:"oh so it was not the dirty needles and sex, bad bad drugs, with hundreds of people a year?"

I  must be getting salty but I say, ladies and gentlemen, is it not better to do all those things (not the dirty needles part))instead offering allegations of every kind on this computer you are sitting on at the moment?

I still do not have the energy to fight with some people, my heart rate goes up does, I have to quench my desire to do a round kick to the,  I will continue to improve and get what I want to say, said, I have no fear of a conspiracy, I do not see it as a viable fact in any way what so ever with regards to ebola. Too many governments involved and none of them can agree on who made the earth! ha ha ha how are they all going to agree on such a big secret?  All the big secrets? It is The Illuminati all over again!
To some degree, there are conspiracies and with the way information travels so quickly for now, nothing is a secret for too long. I am surprised they found a pope who hasn't had sex with the alter boys..they could only cover that stuff up for so long!
Do not be so shocked, it happened. face it and do not lie to yourself about the large number of priests who are gay and stuck with their Lot in life..
Lot, that fuk! You remember Lot, he had to leave his home town of Sodom and the next one, Gamora and his wife turned back for a final look and turned in to salt, and he barely made it out alive with his two girls in tow..
Now we see glimpses if his mind, killing off his wife so that he could have drunken sex with his daughters and then later blame them for raping him! "your wife turned in to a pillar of salt, did she?"
I mean how good was that guy? He had drunken sex with both daughters and we are like, "it is God's will!"
Seems like every one in Sodom is a little bit over sexed...
I have always thought of this story and it says it all to me about ancient men and what they have evolved in to.

back to reality here and now..

"The government is more concerned with the dumb squabbles on land no body wants. The ranchers want it..everyone is scared for them. I am, because one thing the government has is men with guns and not all of them are noble prize winners. They are more like Negan's men in the road than anything that might have concealed a major earthly threat to even themselves and their children, come on!!!

Fake is real, Look at the Kardashians, beautiful women who have transformed themselves in to completely different creatures. they all do it..fake ass, fake plump lips to show a good dick sucking ability, ()))fake eye lashes (that a scientist invented for them to brush on and grow more hair on the eye lashes),,and we all enjoy it.
At work, the rich gals come in with the heels and the coats and all the finery from the Somerset Collection, it is pretty..
The coat thing is big now. There is a status in wearing a fine winter coat. I guess I never really worried about it much, seems like I always stay warm enough. I will wear any coat here, I will!
Women here go through stages.
You have The North Face long coat, so two years ago! ha ha ha
Now, it is the Canadian Goose Coat..

We have had actual cold weather for about a week, ))))
It is cold though, and the coats are nice, they are. I would wear it for sure!

Desire always looms..I want I want is good, but do I really want it or am I brainwashed in to wanting it by the government?

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