Tuesday, January 26, 2016

when it comes to my customers I will spare no idea to make it better for them and me

I had to change the anti aging serum.
Had to!
See, what had happened was, my supplier changed his formula or got to the bottom where the  sediment was  and all could detect was black cumin seed oil, black seed oil and that mixed with anything can ruin a day!
I tried using a little bit of that formula and my own mix of rose hip oil with various added ingredients like cranberry seed oil and a new natural form of vitamin E that goes right with your skin to make peptides and and collagen..
I made it too strong. So far!
This is why they will say, "use at 3% or 7%..and I add 50%"

I get my carriers at Botanic Innovations and I look forward to buying more vitamin C oil from them.
Here is the thing with vitamin C, it works, a little bit and slowly.
Organic rose hip oil works too. It is really high in nutrients, like fatty acids, Cranberry seed oil also has many benefits but one cannot use them straight for day time. I can see it as a face wash with hot steam involved, but I do not want to smell like omega rich cranberry or rose hip oil..for sure.
One must use a lighter, super healthy carrier, right?
Our choices are unlimited..
I love,
og high oleic sunflower
a good quality grape seed is lovely
organic jojoba is perfect
organic fractionated coconut oil..meh..a drop or two..meh..as a preservative

I do love a coconut oil like the one I made with shea butter and rose hip oil mixed in it. It is delicious..I use a brand called "Alive"
It smells so good and worth every penny of 13.00 for like 12 ounces..worth it. Go to Whole Foods and get one and mix it with1/3 cocoa butter, 1/3 shea and 1/3 as itself..yum! Add vanilla and you have a spectacular high  anti oxidant value in the orac scale with the vanilla and this amazing group of skin cream additives. Add a rich anti oxidant few drops of your blend and dang momma!
By the way, Vanilla is way up there on the orac scale  with anti oxidants plus it smells so good on anyone!

Go ahead and make a cream like this or buy one from me, I make them fresh and they are always loaded with my special anti aging formula mentioned above..

I am thinking about Spring as of two weeks ago:)
I love Imbolg!
This is time when you will prepare your little space and make a comfy spot for your self and your mate..you will chant by a  song that says things you love
that you long for
that you will nourish and please
that you will flourish in joy
that you will always provide
a kind word and open mind
a kind voice

sing with me now of the how
the how will
the how yes and the how now
not with scorn but with delight and the surprize of each moment
let us be warm and gracious
let us always be transparent
as to never have to remember what we have said

I am offering a new balm with vanilla and lotus highlighted by lavender cardamom ginger and distilled lime.
I wonder if you will love it?
Maybe not..one must be in the mood for ginger which is why I only added like a drop.
The cardamom and why? Look, I feel like cardamom and vanilla should be together and I did not want the lotus to just take over and attack us with floral muskiness..no, it is the dry off and after some of the spice evaporates when you might catch the sweet flower, sunshine, and clean freshness.

The colors which I saw during this round, were always emerald and green lush glens, grass, hay and blue, little, tiny flowers. I imagined a pathway leading to a lovely hut, which is made of mahogany and has a huge stone fire place with a wonderful warm fire in the center and comfy elevated stone beds with furs and wonderful blankets made of silk and cottons. You smell the spice and the musky smokey floral notes of lotus and then vanilla having just been grazed by lavender.


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