Wednesday, January 6, 2016

thinking and delusions oh mercury retrograde 2016 in early aquarius

Yes, get ready to fix things you broke.
You Broke!
It has been at least three years and you knew it would come to this. You fought it but he threads unravel and you must face the holes in the diagram, the plan and the money thing.
It always come down to money and how you will fix the next few things.
Mercury is money in so many ways. Fast moving and goes fast and slow depending on what it does..ha h ha

Realize and say what you want.
Fix wonky printers or find new ways to print labels..(me)
Walk away from loud mouth complainers.
Do not proclaim all your hate in one sentence..
but do, say what needs said if the family or your work team is not doing their best things.
Do remind that work needs done and you cannot just wish it done.
Clean up and organize..
Do not just say hurtful things to someone because it is the easiest way to get revenge.
Seriously, this is an issue all over the place with humans, and also,  in a family, it can be brutal.
I have no tolerance for it here and my family knows this.
It is not the way, insults and painful proclamations are no way to win an argument..

Mercury Retrograde
learning to give in
learning to laugh again
learning to change your mind
learning that growing up is unavoidable
growing old too
leaving good ideas behind you where ever you go...

I am making a balm today along with some other things.
I have pink lotus and orange blossom
we will see

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