Tuesday, January 5, 2016

so people are stupid racist and mean

Right? I get so tired of it because there is so much to do and we just keep on being mean to each other.

So the black lives matter people were yelling in a restaurant at lunch time where there were babies and  other people trying to eat their ten dollar lunch because it would be at least that in Chicago.
Dude, stop with the protests and go do something good. Read books and don't hover over peoples time like that. If you are smart and speak with quiet words, people want to listen.
Do I not have sympathy for the dark skinned person who always seems to be stuck in a rut of hatred from others?
Do I ponder as to why the black skin inspires such hatred?  Do I ponder as to why education is not first and foremost in our world? See, when people are really busy studying, they do not have time to hurt each other. Truth!
Leave it to the horibly racist fuks to be the ones going on line and saying mean, mean things. These are Americans my friends, these are your neighbors and donut shop workers or mean lady at the hardware store. This is how they secretly feel and if you think it is not you or that it is not real, open your eyes.
Stay home more.

I was reading a story about a journalist who frequently visits prisons and speaks with the prisoners. He has a motto, "tell me your story, don't fuk with me."
So he goes to south africa to a prison there and he gets his mantra ready, "tell me your story, don't fuk with me."
He walks in, and the boys are all like 14, 16, and ragged and black..and he thought about "what is it about dark skin??? I wonder how many books those boys ever saw? Why they would lock them up? I wonder what they did?
We really know nothing of how they were tortured as babies..we don't, we are safe in our warm homes with family near by.

When I was in Costa Rica for all of those years,
I learned Spanish and wore flip flops as is the custom..you just easily change, because, it is hot there and  your language and thoughts change to correspond to that mentality.  When I speak in my native Greek, I also must change my mind to reflect that language state of mind of the northern sheep herders and accordion playing Greeks!
My point is that changing to to fit the needs of your growth is  essential.

Yelling and demanding does nothing good.

I feel that only thorough real learning will this problem be solved. If I were a younger woman, I would be involved in politics like one of my daughters. That girl is so smart...we hardly like to debate her, but we do, I do, and we do get heated. I respect her so, I listen and then I say things, lol..

"GMO's are bad ok? They are a food made with poison, wrapped in more poison and then spliced with a fish or frog genome, made to feed the poor, the slaves and the worker camps, The wealthy, the rich, they  are beautiful because they live and eat healthy food. Do you think Obama wants a gray rubbery tomato or an organic big ol beefsteak?"
( I know many take the drugs and die, too..drugs are bad))

"Mom, you sound like a hippie!:)"

I do sound like a hippie, in a good way. Not all of us took too many drugs and ended up too broken. That is going to happen anyhow. It is like a light switch, the crone phase..why spend it yelling at people trying to eat a nice meal or just trying to have a break from their busy job, who knows, but I say, humans must change.
Old traditions are not practical in this world You cannot thrive as family,  a neighborhood or city if you are in constant turmoil from violent behaviors and hateful thoughts.

Back when I was a devoted wife, I would read spiritual books and thought that if I love completely that only the best things would happen..it is not so. People change or die.. one must love each day they get to do something wonderful, work, clean up, annointed and ready to make it the way you want it. Some things take time, other events are thrown at us and then it is like the rug gets pulled out and you kill that part of your connection for good. Now what? You change. You must change your mind for your best thing..otherwise you are the person yelling down the road, "hey!!"

I decided to help this woman who comes to my store. I thought I will help her and she will be happy and maybe smile more. She came in to ask me what do to about a dryer sheet that was left in the community dryer and it made all her clothes smell. I told her to re wash everything with vinegar  or baking soda..
"no, no vinegar, I have asthma, it smells."
Then, she came back with tears that it did not work and would I come over and smell the clothes because she also burned a pan..
Oye, I went, the dummy that I am.
I showed her that teflon is bad and she should always use stainless steel..I left her with a natural room freshener.
"the smell of the freshener made me sick."
she came in the next day and the next day and the one after that and then the coat, thing, where she needed a coat and I should help with that and then she burned her fuking sheets in the dryer and would I come over for that..
and then she was in the parking lot at work waiting for me.
I told her, finally, that she must handle the sheet thing on her own. "go buy some sheets at Target and get cotton"
"Can you come remove the sheets for me after work?"
"I get done at 11, I will not come over at 11, you have to take the sheets off."
"I can't, the girls do that."
"what girls?"
"the cleaning girls, they come on mondays."
I processed that while freezing my ass of in he parking lot.
She was staring at my coat, "is that a new coat?"
"no it is the same coat I wore before, you can do it, it is for your best thing!"
I walked away from her..enough is enough!

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