Saturday, January 16, 2016

one more lovely one goes away and this witch is here to stay

I loved Alan Rickman. To me after Die Hard I was like, "I want that one!" And then Harry Potter came and my mind was blown when I was introduced to Severus Snape and thought, "that is the man,!", a wizard, a bad ass with class. I fell in love!  I cried in Love Actually, omg, he was so amazing!
Beautiful Man Beautiful Memories.
David Bowie, one of the most prevalent   memories of my youth and I know young people who adore him today. When I was a girl, I got my hair cut like ziggy, he played guitar!

Do we now miss them so much or are they still alive in our memories?  Is this a form of ancestor worship?

The winds, they were hard and fast last night
I left my window open
I could hear the sound they made when they passed through at their high speed.
I tossed and turned because of memories too
swirling in my mind they were
 gathering together to make up
what I need to have another day worth living
another thought worth having
ideals worth repeating
living what I believe who I want to be
so that each moment is not wasted
Every moment, to be used in creative and outstanding ways...

Blend of the day from my house..

"Be The Witch Blend"

vanilla tahiti
sandalwood sri lanka
a few ambergris grains melted in jojoba
patchouli vintage

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