Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diving Deeply In to Lotus

I want it, I want lotus both pink and white, with sandalwood and opoponax maybe.
I have seen lotus with jasmine often.
Lotus with tuberose even!
I have to be in the mood for  tuberose and jasmine.
I have not mixed it yet because, I cannot taste or smell anything.
I have a cold like everyone else in Southern Michigan! Breathing on me and loving on me all day!
The faks! lol

Right now I am making a pot of broth with heavy duty spices and later I will have some probiotics so I can soothe my inside being ravaged by  creatures that want to attack me and my meat suit!
Rhinovirus..right! It is not alive but lives in you..for about 24 hours and then your body is just in fight mode.
Tea and broth for me, what will you have today?

My mom took care of me so good when I was sick and now, one of my boys does that..
he makes me tea and takes care of stuff and then put a nice learning thing for his college studies and I am comfy and warm and well fed.
They tell me I am getting thinner and that may be true. I do not mind being more fatty around winter and do not care to be bony. It is what it is!
I eat clean and do not really indulge in bad food from a store. Chips from my store? Yes! Ice cream now and again or cake..mmmm chips!
I like the ones with vinegar and salt. I wonder if that would get my flavors back?
I will.
Good thing I made all that good soap last week. Rose with oud is my favorite,
oudh and rose soap
Sex on a hill with tobacco and vanilla..
sex on a hill
And a few others from my shop at the moment! The sage patchouli, rocks hard, so get one, they are going fast and they a big so you get a lot,
sage patchouli soap

I want you to know, this...
I love you and your sweet angel butt!

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