Sunday, January 10, 2016

hi and good good day ahead to you

I want you to know that and that I love you more!
I can see in to your soul, if you had one you see
so all I have to work with are the words you've said to me.
Always kind and easy to talk to
and then the really wonderful stuff just happens between us year after year and from boons to more boons..
what is it that draws you to me, I cannot fully say yet the more I learn about atoms and the law of cause and effect the more I can put it all together in a format my mind can adjust to..

It is big my friends and what ever mystifying experience you might be interested in is fine,
I love you more for it..explore what you want and then come back to the bare facts with me now..

What is best in life?
No, not a sexy body, yes you are too sexy.. Meditation and focus on training the mind.
Did you know that each language spoken lights up a different area in the brain? That is cool so words do matter and thoughts do color every experience.

What is best in life?
enjoying and not judging for one thing like making it so you are never having to remember what you said because it is always the same thing. honest and true. It is what you do for each other now and not what you've done last year, so if anyone makes it so it is different, run, I say, run.

What is best in life?
Loads of money, I say! May you be rich and content beyond your wildest dreams, always!

What is best in life?
Safe harbors, my friends. No uneducated silliness which turns violent.
You cannot ruin your lands and come to new lands so you can fight about the same things.
At least make a list of  what you want before you even know what you are not getting! My goodness, why, why are men and now women, so willing to destroy our home, our earth?
I won't have it. I feel like if you want to fight, then you go to martial arts and mediate afterwards. Be a zen warrior not some hopped up illeterate with a gun..fucking fuks!

Opps sorry  I was going to make this a poetic waxing but I am

I have to work today and we are busy! The snow makes people hungry and it is said to snow with rain...all I hear so far is rain..splat splat splat!

My dish today at home will be;
quinoa with veggies and soy sauce
black beans I made yesterday
and fresh salad
if people want an egg, they can make one for extra protein

I love you more!

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